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Fallow Time original poetry in painting by Kristen Glanzmann

Framed Canvas Print of Farm Hay Bale Painting and Poem

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Fallow time a farmhouse painting with hay bales in an empty field. Poem incorporated.

Canvas board measures 8x10 inches and comes framed in this weathered wood piece shown in photos. Full art piece measures approximately 11x13 inches and is a standing frame perfect to slip into any empty space on your shelf.

Fallow time poem:
There are seasons of stillness forced upon us,
uninvited fallow time.

It's difficult to be stagnant,
find contentment in the absence of a goal,
to somehow rejoice in a void.

But do celebrate!
Applaud the rebellion against time,
praise living with no status,
appreciate the difference
of wanting change
versus needing it.

Let a period of unsown achievements
allow you the view of open land.

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