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Kristen GlanzmannWelcome to Munga Vision. My name is Kristen (though my family usually calls me Munga) and this little shop is the sum of my creative energy.

When I was in college I began to drop my  business focused classes for the creative classes like website creation, film, photoshop and other design programs. I had the brilliant luck of landing a gig after college working for a marketing firm in the travel industry, thus satisfying my wanderlust and growth as a designer.

As the events of your mid-twenties hit with proposals, engagement parties, showers and wedding fun I started to design invitations for family and friends. Over time this led to requests from friends of friends and so on until the birth of the Munga Vision shop began.

Originally the shop started on Etsy. Recently we moved over to our official domain, but many (though not all) products can still be purchased on Etsy for the foreseeable future and of course you can read our great reviews!

Over the past decade, each year has brought many new life events for myself, family and friends and with each new leap I have discovered new creative endeavors. The shop now features not only invitations for wedding and showers, but also nursery art, home art, stationery and more.

As more time passes, I have begun changing my title from a designer to artist. With every new idea, I try to incorporate more hands-on features like original paintings mixed with digital designs in order to produce something truly unique.

Munga Vision produces quality products for you to love, but also to customize! Many category listings already have custom packages you can add in, but you can always contact with any additional requests.