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Munga Vision Boutique Space at The Cotton Company - Retail Warehouse in Wake Forest, NC

February 1st is our first official open for shopping day at our new boutique space at The Cotton Company. We have loved our Cotton Co family over the 2018 year and are still here at this unique shopping venue if you come looking for us, just in a fresh space to showcase all our new designs and products!

2018 was a fast year with a jump in and go for it kind of attitude. Locally around the North Carolina area, Munga Vision went from working on a consignment basis with a handful of stores to opening two boutique spaces in the area. The first was upstairs at Three Little Birds in Clayton, NC upstairs. Originally, Munga Vision products were spread throughout the first floor with other vendors before moving upstairs to the artist showcase spaces. The second was signing on to The Cotton Company

Jumping in to opening two "stores" definitely has been a learning curve. The number one thing learned is organizing a space to sell items is hard! I am officially in awe of the incredible store owners who incredibly move around thousands of square feet to display products freshly over and over again. I's hard!!

So why move to a new space?

Ultimately the space Munga Vision was originally in was way too big for us at the moment. It was being utilized terribly with a lot of empty floor space and I no idea how to fix that.

This year's space is cozier and I also spent a lot of time pre-planning the size of different pieces and where best to put large pieces verse stationery. The previous space had room only for our print displays and posters and everything else in between just got lost. This year's approach has mapped out displays for a better mix of our products on each wall. The other big layout difference is that nursery & kid designs are on a separate wall this time around which will hopefully help you find what you are looking for easier. 

Would love your feedback on this new space if you visit. Please go check it out!


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