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Printable Coloring Valentines Day Cards for Dinosaur Loving Kids

Free printable coloring valentine for kids classroom party

Once your kids start school there is no end to the classroom parties or donations list. Aside from the cost of buying 30 tiny little teenage mutant ninja turtle or my little pony valentines, they tend to come with candy I am sick of my kids eating, stickers (don't even get me started on my hatred of stickers) or some other item that we already have 5,000 kinds of like pencils. 

Now I appreciate the families generosity of buying Valentine's with presents for the kids, but with three young children, our house often seems like a constant goody bag for some birthday or holiday. I have come to love the "craft" type of sentiment and want to share with you a free printable Valentine for kids to use at their classroom party in case all you parents feel like me!

These dinosaur coloring book valentines are the perfect classroom party gift because they are cute, personalized and an easy craft to have fun coloring and toss later on) without having some cheap sticker permanently stuck to your furniture announcing how turtlely awesome you are everyday). 

Download Munga Vision's coloring book style free printable Valentine card for kids here

These Valentine cards measure as 6x4 inches. They are a little larger then the average classroom Valentine card because, I tend to find if you have young kids of kindergarten age then they most likely don't have the ability to write small yet or color small areas. The size is also easy to scale down if desired and lastly it's a standard photo card size for those who want to print their coloring book cards using a photo printer.


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