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Favorite Quote Throw Pillows by Munga Vision | Fun Pillow Accents with your Favorite Sayings

Munga Vision is incredibly excited for the 2019 release of our new home decor products. We have many exciting items arriving throughout the year including throw pillows, market canvas tote bags, coffee mugs and more. 

Currently our throw pillow series is the first to release, but you can find a sneak peek of some of the totes and mugs designs available for order under early release. 

The release of our pillow line actually sprung from a product fizzle. About two years ago I created a series of burlap artwork that I absolutely loved. However, even though I received tons of positive feedback on the designs it seemed that the product just wasn't selling well enough and I didn't get it. Eventually I learned that I just couldn't make the production costs low enough to make a profit AND have people buy it. Ultimately, the burlap artwork the way I was creating them was just too expensive.

Now while I am still working on a more cost effective way to produce burlap art with the same quality and versatility, in the meantime I came up with the idea of repurposing those fun designs that I love. The fair and working the event life also taught me that you may not always have any wall room left for an art print, but you can never have too many pillows for your nooks to change out! 

As the year progresses more we will be sending updates on additional designs to each of these categories. We also are looking in to the production of tea towels, tumblers, pet beds and other fun products to grow this home decor and accessories line further. 

We are always open to your input, custom ideas and questions. Please email me at if you want to chat more on these new additions. 

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