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NEW! Handmade Frame Stands for Baby's First Year Cards

I have previously blogged about the Baby's Greatest Hits collection and how it has been to date my most favorite product to release because they are so functional for new parents! Today we announce the release of the accompanying frame stands that are now available with your purchase of each baby card. Together your choice of milestone card and frame ship for $29 total.

New baby's greatest hits collection handmade stands to accompany milestone cards

The creation of these frames came upon request, but a bit slow to release as I had lots of failed attempts of something I could produce that would be functional and well made. When I had first released the milestone cards I used a group of new first and second time moms from a private Facebook group to sample one and provide feedback. It was wonderful to get such amazing feedback on the design and idea behind them, but the main criticism was that the parents wanted a way to display the cards in the baby's room!

Thus I began designing. There were 3 important things I needed to incorporate to make the displays match the beauty of the cards.

  1. Double sided: I needed something that would display both sides because there is so much to show on both sides and be proud to show others.
  2. Ease to edit: These cards are something you want to quickly update throughout the first year so I needed a way for you to access them quickly, edit and display again.
  3. Color options: Munga Vision loves to give options, but when it comes to kids you need color to match personality! We are not the white walls only kinda company and needed something fun to match each colorful baby first year card. 

The first part of this design with making them double sided was the part that I got tripped up on the longest. To be honest I had really hoped to create some type of spinning mechanism double sided frame. I looked for wholesale options to give you, I tried different mechanisms from the hardware store, I adding this current frame to something that spins and ultimately they all became complicated and ugly. I like simple and clean and in the end that's the whole point of these frame stands. 

Below is photo that shows you how the milestone card frame works and what makes it so easy to edit! I used jewelry box hardware to create a latch which you can easily open to access the card that is kept safe in an acrylic holder. Simply pop open the latch and remove the card. When you are done editing you just close the frame back into place by locking the latch. I loved how they came out with the beautiful mix of an antique brass next to the modern color pop too making each baby card stand out. 

Open clasp shot of the baby milestone card stands now available by Munga Vision

The final thing to make sure the product carried was multiple color options. These may be expanded in time, but I tried to keep things easy for now and coordinating beautifully with the current release of milestone cards. For the time being they are offered in  3 colors of pink, blue and green. (If you are interested in the paint choices I used they were selected from Home Depot and the Behr color line. The colors are Cupcake Pink, Jade Mountain and Ocean Front respectively. 

First Year Milestone Card Frames in 3 color options

Hope you enjoy the new collection and think it's as grand. Shop the baby milestone card collection in full and within each listing you can change your order option to add a frame stand in one of the selected three colors to match your baby's nursery. Cards are still available on own for purchase too for those that like to stick in a keepsake box or photo album sleeve! Currently these frames are not being sold individually because we have limited quantities, but if you purchased a Greatest Hits card previously and would like to add a frame then message me at and I will set up a private listing for you to get a discount!

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