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Let's Pinterest! Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of Let's Pinterest! (aka as very amateur video tutorials of how to make some of things I sell at home on your own and just a basic behind the scenes of my work). This particular project is a large scale version of my hanging wall art frames that I have recently started selling in stores to try out popularity. The original design of this is now sold online in my shop as well as the magnetic poster frame option which allows you to swap out your art prints seasonally or whenever desired. I will say that the magnetic option is really not a DIY project solely because the cost of doing a one off is more than what you would pay to just buy one of my hangers. In order to successfully hang art in a magnetic frame the magnets have to be a very high charge and these are only worth buying in bulk (so just go ahead and buy the magnetic frames I sell for $20 instead - wink wink). However, this tutorial will be using epoxy to adhere the prints to the wood which is a very easy and cost effective way to make your own wall hangings, have fun and can be done at any size you choose!

As I said, these videos are rough and very amateur, but they are just giving you something fun to try out and take the intimidation out of Pinterest projects so I won't be hiring a videographer or changing it up anytime soon. 

Materials Used:

  • 4 identical, thin pieces of wood cut to size - I like to use poplar wood because it's cheap, takes stain nicely and is easy to work with. Home Depot or Lowe's will cut the pieces for you if you ask nicely too. Be sure to have them cut to a size that allows some room on each side. So if you are piece is 12 inches then you probably want the wood pieces to be 13 inches, but it's really up to your discretion. This particular piece is very large so I left about 1.5" on either side to look nice IMO and have room to run some stronger rope through. 
  • Rope or String - I used a suede cord from amazon on smaller pieces, but pick up a more solid rope like feature on this one since it's larger and needs a thicker hanging.
  • Sand paper - A fine grit will do and just a quick once over to make sure you don't get a splinter in time.
  • Stain - I love the Min Wax Early American stain you can get at your local hardware store or Lowe's. Please note that Home Depot does not sell Min Wax anymore and their stain sucks.
  • Plastic gloves - To protect your hands from the stain!
  • An old rag or t-shirt - To apply the stain!
  • Drill - To drill through the wood if you want to hang a large piece or you can use eye screws if a smaller piece and like that look too. 
  • Art - Really anything you want!
  • Epoxy and Gorilla Spray Adhesive - I get these at the local hardware store in town and use them for almost everything. 

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