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Let's Pinterest: Episode 1


Welcome to my very first episode of Let's Pinterest, a video tutorial of how to make some of things I sell at home on your own with your own designs. As we head on inching our way towards the year 2020, even my husband has trolled Pinterest by now. From style boards to vacation plans, Pinterest is a great search engine of imagery and CRAFTING is a big part of this world. 

I actually never particularly considered myself a crafter, but as a creative I have found myself dabbling in a variety of projects over the years. As I began to develop my shop and product lines more I did graduate to taking a more hands-on approach to projects to keep things cost effective in showcasing my work. In the end, I discovered it is not typically as hard one would imagine...EVENTUALLY. Most projects take a good amount of finessing to get the kinks out. These video projects aim to have a little fun in showcasing some of those trial and errors, but mostly in having figured it out for you so that you can make some things at home without have to go through the trial and error process a couple dozen times.

This first episode is showcasing my mason jar Christmas ornaments. This project really is easy and the only major concern is you have to watch out to not get glue everywhere on the front side so keep your hands clean! I do use canvas in this project with prints of my own designs (sized at 3.25" to fit the wide mouth mason jar lids perfectly), but you can trace and cut vintage papers, photographs or cards to your hearts desire to showcase in yours.

Materials Used:

  • Wide Mouth Mason Jar Bands with Lids - Find them at walmart with the canning supplies. They are pricey online, but are under $5 for a dozen at your local walmart. 
  • String - I used a suede red cord that I got off amazon for a different project years ago, but you can use yarn or anything you like
  • Pine springs and berries - I found the ones showcased here at hobby lobby for a couple dollars. You don't have to add these to your ornaments, but can pick anything to tie to them really.
  • Art - wrapping paper, old books, photographs. Really anything you want!
  • Epoxy and Gorilla Spray Adhesive - I get these at the local hardware store in town and use them for almost everything. 

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