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It's Teacher Appreciation Week - Here's a FREEBIE

One of my goals this year is to start giving away more free downloads to help make life easier for everyone. Teacher appreciation is the perfect opportunity because if you are like me then you totally drop the ball and that means a good ol' gift card it is! 

Tying into the teacher appreciation theme is trying to teach appreciation in general to our young kids. (The oldest just had his 5th birthday and he is very, very, very, very, very, very spoiled which brought up the thank you note woes with kids who can't write or read yet. Stay tuned for more to come later on this topic and more free downloads and new product lines for purchase. ) Anyways when I combined the gift card idea with wanting my kids to contribute at least some small aspect to the gift I came up with this cute little coloring book style gift card holder. 

This idea is perfect for any age from pre-school throughout elementary school because the kids can color it rather then have to write anything! Our 2.5 year old could take time out to color it herself and then our 5 year old colored his and attempted to write his name at least. There is room on the backside too for a message/note for older kids or parents to use.


  • DOWNLOAD this JPG file.
  • PRINT. This file is currently sized at 4x5 inches with markers on where to trim and fold it. I used left over card stock that was slightly bigger, but you can print on regular card stock or paper and trim too. 
  • COLOR. Let your kids color and sign if desired.
  • TRIM along the outside lines with scissors or a paper cutter and fold along the middle line. 
  • GLUE. You will need to glue just ONE short perimeter edge and the long perimeter edge of one half of the card and press together. Let dry. (You have to leave one short edge unglued to get the gift card inside!)
  • Insert gift card and you are done!

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