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Free Printable Summer Bucket List

Free printable summer bucket list for you to download and customize

Even though it's not even June, this week school is officially out for Summer here in the Raleigh area and to celebrate I've created this fun kids summer bucket list printable for free to share with you all. 

This summer all three of my children will be home and in order to keep them from fighting too much I came up with some fun things they can do together AND apart so each kid has a customizable list printed and taped to the pantry wall now. 

You can print a plain version of this and write in your list to print out (feel free to take some of our ideas!) or if you have Microsoft Word you can download the .docx file and just swap out the categories you want to change and the name. 

Hope you all have a fabulous summer and are able to use this bucket list with your younger and older kids at home to stay busy in a sane and manageable way. 

Download the blank PDF to write your own bucket list.
Download the Microsoft Word file to edit and print.

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