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Munga Vision is a shop that incorporates quotes, inspirational messages and favorite sayings and let's just say I am always keeping screen shots from lines in the books I am reading, pinning quotes off my Pinterest account and putting notes in my phone from conversations. My ears and eyes are always open to falling in love with a new saying as seen in the romantic Soul Full designs, Star Gazing series and even just the whimsical nursery decor.

In fact, every piece is designed AROUND the quote at Munga Vision. It's the base to my creative endeavors. When I hear a message that I love, I try to build something unique for your walls to incorporate those emotions. For me, the only kind of art I have in my home is the kind that makes me feel good. Whether it be reminding me of a memory, reminding me of someone, or making me laugh out loud; ultimately I like to make things that evoke happiness.

Here I dive into some of the most inspiring quotes and where I want to use them in future projects. You can save the images I share here or you can find the original inspirational pin on my board that I share with all of you. The poetic quotes I share here are some of my favorite of recent reads and findings and I really hope to create some art from them or at least on all the feels I get when reading them. 


Ok if you haven't read one of Rainbow Rowell's books now you need to get on it! I discovered her only a few months ago and have read everything she's written now. Beautiful writer who captures relationships and love so perfectly! She is definitely a source of inspiration to write more and design more. 

Love quote from Rainbow Rowell's book Park and Eleanor 


I love quotes from the classic iconic female before her time. Women who were fierce and fabulous in a time where the world especially belonged just to me. These women paved the feminist way with their words, careers and styles for our generation to have so much more opportunity then our grandmothers. Women like Mae West, Sylvia Plath, Marilyn Monroe, Virginia Woolf. Many quotes are on my board that I am saving and brewing up a good desk art series geared towards women for fun inspiration of power and drive. Stay tuned for future developments!

Favorite Mae West Quote on being bad


I have three kids and we read a lot together. Busting out the old classics and favorites reminds me of some of the most meaningful quotes of all time. And even though they've been redone into art and quote art a thousand times I still have been working my own spin and version on some of my favorite all time quotes that I carried with me from childhood. I've been brainstorming them to be used within a couple nursery series in the future. Also, can anyone deny the genius that is Roald Dahl and his inspirational quotes and book themes?

Favorite quote from Roald Dahl of all Time about sunbeams and happiness


Of course for inspiration I have to include one of the greatest of all time to pull from and that is Shakespeare. To be honest I do not have a single idea yet of how I would or will ever use Shakespeare in a unique way in my art, but there is nothing more beautiful then snippets pulled from his great collections. I really want to revisit studying Shakespeare and dive in at some point in the future in hopes that something completely new and beautiful will arise from diving in whole heartedly. I haven't done that since high school though, but those were the years I wrote a lot more and poetry! 

Shakespeare for the all time favorite quotes and inspiration

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