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Optimism quote and keeping positive mindset through failure

Today's post is about optimism and while it may seem more targeted towards my maker and small business friends, I think anyone passionate on certain goals can relate to my recent experience and hopefully take away some insight in regards to perseverance and keeping your positive outlook as you try knew things in your business.

Recently, I had a conversation with someone through social media that really bothered me. Essentially the person told me that they only made products as a craft and not a business because only one in a million would make a successful career from their craft and also because it would have happened already if God had it in the plans.

I was really bothered by this conversation. I actually dwelled for a day or two on it before I could pinpoint exactly why I found it so irritating. In the end I came up with two main parts contributing to my reaction and after breaking down those two main reasons I wanted to share on the blog because it's an outlook of optimism I want to apply to all my endeavors.  


The first reason is the super obvious - the incredibly pessimistic statement that most people fail at making a career from their craft. It's especially irritating because it is probably pretty accurate. We can all agree that failing at anything is a terrible feeling and failing at a passion or dream is even harder for your nerves (and ego) to bear. So yes, a large majority of my annoyance was this person reiterating the daily thought of failure hanging over my head. It's her pointing and staring at this obvious possibility looming over my head that I have started building my dream house, yet will never execute the build to it's intended dream state.

That being said, I do believe (perhaps naively) that if I put in the time and effort I will find some sort of success. It may not be a million dollar profit success story, but the positive mindset in me truly thinks there is room in this world for more people to make a proud living doing what they love. To continue my cheesy metaphor and ring home part one of this discussion I will say this: maybe I'll never end up building that dream house exactly how I imagined it in the beginning, but I remain the eternal optimist that with perseverance I can still successfully build a house I will love and take pride in just the same. 


Now to move on to the second part of the conversation that fueled my annoyance. This part ends up being the most important part for me to take away too and apply my refreshed positive perspective to all goals. Let us just agree the whole "it would have happened if it was God's will by now" is a complete cop out. I think I was annoyed personally by the comment because I could see myself also claiming that poor excuse for failing. It's very much a thing many people say, including myself, when things don't end up panning out exactly as their plan entailed. From this point forward I want to try and never fall into this "I failed because of [insert something outside my control]" mindset. Sure a little luck is often included in many roads to success, but ultimately in life I want to claim my failures as much as my feats. In fact, I want to speak of my failures AS my feats. If this endeavor ends up a bust, I want to exit with as much optimism as I started with because when I give something all I got and it's just not good enough, I still want to be proud that I gave every ounce of skill, strength and courage in me. I want to remember to walk away standing tall and not cower behind a poor excuse of bad luck. Most paths in life will probably never lead to that dream destination. But I don't want to let the possibility of failing to arrive at the dream end up stopping me from having the courage to take the leap anyway and experience a new journey.

So to conclude, that originally irritating conversation has helped me re-establish my positive mindset. Ever the eternal optimist over here because even if this path I'm on takes me in a full circle back to where I started, the journey has already been inspiring in so many other ways. 

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