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Love Quote Art Print Sale by Munga Vision

Munga Vision is starting a new monthly tradition of having an art sale where 50% of all proceeds will be donated to a different charity for the sales during that time period.

In the past, the company has tried to offer freebies and instant downloads where the proceeds go to a specific cause at the moment. This year I am taking a different approach to be more consistent with giving to outside organizations as well as offering more incentive for you all to buy Munga Vision! I mean what beats being charitable and scoring some new art and fun products at a discount? 

So gear up each month for the final Sunday charity sale. Promotion codes will be announced in the newsletter and of course here on the blog. Sales will run from Sunday to Sunday and again 50% off all proceeds on orders made with that promotion will be donated to charity. 

A few weeks ago I had asked on my Instagram for thoughts on your favorite charities to donate to. I made a record of all who participated with their selections and will rotate through selections each month to hopefully hit them all and support your favorite charity. 

For January, the kickoff month to this new campaign, Munga Vision will be having a sale to coordinate with getting your loved one a Valentine gift! The Soul Full Collection of our love quotes art prints will be 15% off with the code VDAYGIFT15. January's donations will be given to my mother in law's favorite charity, St. Jude, a children's research hospital to advance cures, prevention and the treatment of cancer. On the radio the other day I heard that remission rates for children with cancer are currently 80% and it's organizations like this one that has brought these rates up so dramatically in the past two decades. This promotion will run January 27 through February 3, 2019.

If you have a favorite charity you would like Munga Vision to add to our list for these monthly promotions, please email me at your choice. 

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