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Baby's Greatest Hits: A First Year Keepsake Milestone Card for Modern Parents

Baby's Greatest Hit - Stork DesignAt some point in the second trimester of my third pregnancy I realized I needed to decide on a baby book to purchase for our next little bundles keepsake stats. I LOVE looking back to jot my memory of when each kid got their first tooth or crawled or their weight. I must admit though that history has proven with the first two that I am terrible at completing said memory books!

If you are looking for a baby book, I follow Lucy Darling on Instagram and absolutely love her neat modern design on a baby book, but for me personally, if I couldn't complete one with the first kid or the second then it most certainly wouldn't be happening with the third! I applaud those who will complete baby books and I love the finished product, but despite my best intentions I needed to move on from the false hope.

See Exhibit A and B. These two uncompleted messes now lies on the top back shelf of our oldest kids closet.

My First Baby Book Attempts

Exhibit A (Left).
Our Chance was given an adorable calendar which was a neat idea and came with stickers and everything, but it was so confusing for me to use! I had to write in the dates myself and then with my lack of sleep I filled it out wrong because technically he was 3 months old and the calendar showed month 4. Plus, when I wanted to look back to see when he did something fun it was very hard to find his milestones.

Exhibit B (Right).
For my daughter, Zelda, I picked out an adorable baby book online. When it arrived I actually tried to tear out pages because I knew they would just remain empty. Half the pages duplicated things I just wrote and the book includes years of birthdays and information until she’s double digits age! Once again…baby book fail. 

So after reviewing these and Pinterest kept me at work searching for a solution, I finally had that PING! moment... Duh. I am a designer and can create exactly what I want in a baby “book” to print and share with others.

Baby's Greatest Hits

(I don’t think it’s often that I can claim a 100% to the core original idea, but I would like to think this is one of those rare moments. I am sure out in the world there is a product similar to my Baby’s Greatest Hits creation, but I have yet to see it so I am taking full designer pride.) 

So before beginning this product I reviewed where I failed in order to settle on what was important to me as the consumer. This is what I came up with for what I needed and is also what makes this the perfect item if you check all these boxes.

  • It needs to be a quick and painless project to update regularly. I work from home and often work in 20 minute increments of time. I just can't sit and print, crop and caption multiple photos and pages. 
  • I want an instant reference to milestone dates. When did she do that? Oh look right here on the back! No flipping through page after page for me or calculating out the dates from a calendar.
  • A cute design and space for a few of my favorite photos. I ended up with 3 because the cover of the newborn, a mid-year photo and then a 1 year recap photo. 
  • A tiny bit of extra space to write something unique. I liked the idea of my 2nd baby book that had room verse the calendar to write something unique, but my kids aren't special enough apparently to write something unique every month after month. 
  • Durability in the card. My calendar and book are falling apart already.

These cards are sized at 8.5 x 5.5 inches and are printed on triple thick card stock. They are very durable and made to withstand time (although not waterproof so watch your tears). The cards can be kept easily in your keepsake box, a photo album sleeve or put into a double sided frame.

I am currently working on finding a perfect frame to offer with their sales for showcase after so stay tuned when I finalize that decision too. I am truly proud of these cards for being functional and beautiful and hope you enjoy.

Greatest Hits in Stand Framed

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